Slimming Package

  • Slimming Package

Slimming Package:

For firm thighs and soft skin Anti-cellulite seaweed wrap including slimming oil massage contains protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and phytohormones. By the concentration of active ingredients, algae application has a very large number of positive qualities:

► Skin, cell and fact metabolism are stimulated
► Free radicals are neutralized
► Connective tissue is strengthen
► Cellulite is degraded and cell renewal is stimulated
► The skin is smoothed and regenerated
► The body purifies and detoxifies

We further increase this effect with a specific slimming oil massage.

For a smooth, soft skin and a streamlined silhouette.

Treatment time 50 minutes.

Between the seaweed treatments we recommend a break of about one day.