Fitness Center

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Our fitness experts will prepare the latest workout trends for you.

Improve your fitness level and work out in our gym. Modern equipment allows targeted power and endurance training.

Some of our offered equipments:

► Elliptical machine (cross training)                              
► Treadmill                                                                                                       
► Stationary bike                                                                 
► Recumbent bike                                                              

GYM 80

► Smith exercise unit                                                       
► Abdominal exercise unit                                              
► Leg press exercise unit                                                 
► Abduction exercise unit (Interior muscles)          
► Abduction exercise unit (Exterior muscles)         
► Dips & chins exercise unit                                            
► Pec fly & Rear delt exercise unit                               
► Rowing exercise unit                                                     
► Lat pull down exercise unit                                         
► Dumbbells (free weights)                                           
► 45 degree Ab back      

► Spinning (indoor cycle)