Swedish Massage

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Partial Body Massage:

Back, arms or legs,

A classic massage for neck, shoulders, legs or arms. Special techniques are applied according to the prevailing physical complaint to activate the blood circulation and to achieve a calming effect. During the treatment you can coordinate your personal focus with your masseur. Duration 25 minutes.

Full Body Massage:

Back, arms and legs,

A full body massage is the right treatment if tensions are spread over several parts of the body and do not appear only at certain points. Special massage techniques induce deep relaxation and decrease any kind of stress level. Duration 50 minutes.

Neck Extension Treatment:

Relaxation for the neck,

The neck extension massage is a special type of treatment with gentle but intensive massage techniques that focuses mostly on the neck. It relieves tension around head and neck and relaxes the entire spine. Duration 25 minutes.

Sports Massage:

Regenerating and revitalizing massage. Sore muscles in thighs and calves are relieved by specific massage manipulations. The regeneration accelerates, the microcirculation improves, and the muscular tension loosens. Duration 25 minutes.

Therapeutic Treatment:


Certified physiotherapists offer treatments according to your individual needs. Physical dysfunctions of the organ are treated with the stimulations, certain techniques and mobilization. Your physiotherapist will discuss all necessary actions with you in advance and create a personal treatment plan accordingly in case of necessity. Duration 25 minutes.

Foot reflexology,

Every part of the body and each organ are reflected in a certain reflexology on the feet, hands and ears. By treating those certain areas, indirect influence on the organs, tension and blockades can be affected positively. Treating your feet reflexology points can help you to relieve stress and brings body and mind to harmony. Duration 50 minutes.

Hot Stone Massage:

The hot stone massage from North America and has an Indian origin. The treatment begins with warm oil being applied on the skin, then the body will be massaged with hot stones that have an average temperature of 55 - 600C.

► Duration: 30 minutes back only.
► Duration: 50 minutes back and leg.
► Duration: 80 minutes full body.