Oriental Spa

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Egyptian Pharaoh Sand Stamp Massage:

Pressed in pure Egyptian cotton the heart of the hot sand opens the smallest pores for essential aromatic oils. The stamps fit perfectly on the back structures, massages, enhance blood circulation and stretch tired and tense muscles. A royal wellness and relaxation experience. Duration 30 minutes


The hammam – also called Turkish bath, is a development of the Greco-Roman bath. Massages and body scrubs, for purifying effect, are carried out on a heated marble stone in the center of the room. The even temperature of the steam (40-50 C), the pleasant fragrance and the purification ceremony free body and mind.

After a thorough pre-cleaning, the washing ceremony is performed in the steam room. The intense heat opens the pores, stimulates the blood circulation and dead skin cells can be removed with a special exfoliating glove. Journey time 50 minutes.