Indian Massage

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Ayurvedic Massage:

Abhyanga Ayurveda – the knowledge of life – is the oldest Indian philosophy and naturopathy in the world. The focus is on preventive health care, mental strength as well as physical and spiritual self-healing. Get to know some of the fantastic philosophy while experiencing our treatment.

Abhyanga (loving hands) is a gentle, balancing full body massage. Along with warm, scented oil do the massaging hands flow all over the body. The body regenerates, relaxes and revitalizes at the same time. Accordingly the detoxification of the body is supported and the organs can find his balance.

► Journey time 60 minutes without head and face.
► Journey time 75 minutes from head to toe.


This ayurvedic facial massage eliminates worries, stress and fears. It strengthens concentration and creates a clear mind and helps to relieve tension and headaches. Journey time 25 minutes.


This ayurvedic foot massage is a highly effective massage technique with special strokes on the feet and calves. The Padabhyanga has a very calming and balancing treatment and have a positive effect on headaches, insomnia, nervousness and exhaustion. A footbath before the foot massage gives the entire body a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Journey time 25 minutes.