Thai Spa

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Traditional Thai Massage:

The traditional Thai massage is a integrally oriented massage type that is based on an ancient system. To increase flexibility, releases superficial and deep tensions and regains the body’s natural energies again. The traditional Thai massage consists of a pressure point massage, passive stretching and gentle Joint manipulation.

► Partial body massage (back massage including stretching). Journey time 25 minutes.
► Full body massage (legs, arms, back, shoulders and neck – including stretching). Journey time 55 minutes.
► Full body massage (legs, arms, stomach, back, face, shoulders and neck – including stretching. Journey time 80 minutes.

Thai foot reflexology:

Including foot bath, massage of the arms, hands, shoulders and neck. Every party of the body and each organ are reflected in a certain reflexology on the feet, hands and ears.

By treating those certain areas, indirect influence on the organs, tension and blockades can be affected positively. Treating your feet reflexology points can help you to relieve stress and brings body and mind to harmony. In contrast to the traditional foot reflexology the masseur uses not only his hands for massage but in some cases a special massage stick. Journey time 55 minutes.